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Creating video for all things personal, professional and promotional

AMO is a full-service mix media production company based in Palm Desert and Laguna Beach, Ca. You need a partner to reach your marketing goals taking advantage of video marketing opportunities across a variety of channels in real-time.  We use a data-driven approach combining years of Hollywood film and programming experience to deliver results our clients expect. 

Your expectation drives our excitement to inspire, entertain and convert your audience to take action.

"Each video we produce is not only optimized but also valuable to your users, ranking in the search results with more traffic for more attention to your social media marketing and website."

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Professional Showcase Video Resume

Is your Resume or paper CV holding you back?

How about providing a video resume to pitch your prospective employer? It’s like giving them a resume and interview at the same time.

Stand out for that ONE DREAM JOB!

Are you ready for your video resume close up?

Streaming Production Services

Live Streaming

Bringing Virtual Events to your audience for immediate results while engaging more viewers. Completely scalable, more reliable, secure delivery of an y event or message visible worldwide. Consult with us to make your brand a global reality.


Let us partner with your next conference, concert, or zoom meetings. You don’t have to be present or in the building to create astounding performances.

AMO’s dazzling production will deliver impactful results to your audience on any platform.


We also create animation videos or incorporate animation into videos. To see an example of our storyboard, send us an email and we’ll be happy to forward it to you.

Drone Flyovers

Real Estate Branding with video drone production.

Increase your visibility and accelerate your sales.

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