Brand Development

Branding has become more important than ever

All Media Online (AMO) strives to differentiate your business from the competition and establish a personality that is both unique and appealing to potential customers or clients. AMO will develop a multi-faceted, multi-layered process and discipline that aims at establishing long and profitable relationships with your clients and stakeholders.

AMO's branding strategy is designed specifically and individually for you. It springs from your company's core - its vision and mission - and develops the corporate "story" in ways that relate and resonate with target market members.

More Than Marketing

Branding has taken on a greater significance in the past decade as companies begin to see their brands as assets - as valuable and as tangible as their systems and patents. So brands have become more than just marketing slogans and icons.

Branding Elements

Branding elements that AMO will develop to maximize your exposure include:

  • Internet - The internet has totally changed the way marketing is done today. Many of the clients we speak to have made an honest effort to figure out how to harness the power the intenet offers. Very few, if any have been able to apply the true potential. We specialize in online marketing and email campaigns, website and blog creation and optimization, sales page, landing page and microsite creation. Webinar development and implementation. Viral video and article distribution.

  • Video - AMO's unique system is propelled by highly engaging, fully streamed video stories illustrating YOUR product with exciting audio and imagery that turn prospects into buyers /clients and your clients into repeat customers. We offer full video production, television and Internet commercials, infomercials and web viral videos.

  • Ad Content - Writing compelling ad copy, blog posts and sales pages is one of the most important elements in any marketing campaign. We specialize in article and sales copy writing, press releases and print ads that sell.

  • Spokesperson/Celebrity Association - Our network of spokespeople and celebrities can be made available to enhance your marketing and advertising campaigns.